Saturday, November 7, 2009

Britney Spears in Australia...

ok so we don't like celebrity trash stories on here, but I feel like I have to post this. Read this article first from the Daily Telegraph

As a MAJOR Britney fan, and have been since '99, she is FINALLY coming to Australia to tour, personally I don't care if she sings live, mimes, or just stands on the stage and waves, the fact the she is here and going around the country for a month is enough for me. Seeing clips of "The Circus" it looks amazing and I am so excited about going to see it. To the journalists in Australia criticising Britney, let's hook you up in the air and see how you sing live...get over your small minded Australian tall poppy syndrome rock show crap and get over it! If you don't want to review a Britney concert give it to other journalists who wouldnt lie about "fans leaving the concert due to miming" and would give a fair perspective on things. 

Well that's our rant (for now!) we will be doing our own Britney Spears Circus review when she hits Sydney in 2 weeks to entertain us :)



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