Friday, April 6, 2012

VIDEO : Blood For Poppies - Garbage

There are way too many jokes to be made about a band that calls themself Garbage, but Shirley
Manson and the gang yet again prove that their name is the only thing garbage about their music.

To be honest with you nothing but perfection is all that can be expected from this band, with three
out of four of the members of the band are well known producers, so you know that these guys
know how to form a hit song.

The best part is that they do it without being boring, the verses are interesting and will have music
fans really thinking, while the chorus remains catchy to the point it will be stuck in your head for
days and have everyone singing along.

The film clip on the other hand was a little bit of a letdown, for a band with three old producers and
one good looking girl, it is very hard to work out why they choose to put the main focus on the old
men and only very rarely show shots of Shirley.

All in all though this is a great song and it is great to see these guys back making fantastic music.

Review by Ben Hermon



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