Monday, April 2, 2012

REVIEW Roman Reloaded - Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj is back with the much anticipated follow up to the wildly successful debut Pink Friday titled Pink Friday : Roman Reloaded. This time around Minaj has settled into her Roman alter ego and produces a rap/pop/dubstep infused album that has a little something for everyone in it. Minaj has successfully infused all these elements and created a GaGa-esque album that serves as an outstanding follow up to a stellar debut.

Roman Reloaded has been harshly looked upon by critics saying that the album is "confusing" and that Minaj does not know which audience she wants to direct her music to. I found this the complete opposite, Minaj knows she has loads of gay fans who love the dub step electro pop craze and she also has fans that are in the hood and love the hardcore rap. Minaj has catered to both and in some cases blended the two together seamlessly creating a new and fresh sound.

1) Roman Holiday - This is one of the oddest tracks on the album and possibly one of the oddest songs I have ever heard. It is very "Sound Of Music" inspired while Minaj raps over classical tunes and a hip hop beat the whole song actually works extremely well and after you deal with the oddness it is actually a great track.

2) Come On A Cone - I found this song very hard to review with an echoing chorus that goes "Dick in your face, put my dick in your face" repeatedly, after I got over my initial giggle fest the track actually does Minaj amazing justice in the rap genre a phat and bassey beat pump this song through with some amazingly warped vocals

3) I Am Your Leader featuring Cam'Ron & Rick Ross - Keeping the rap genre moving along is this track featuring Rick Ross and kind of quiet rapper Cam'ron. This song is extremely anthemic re-enforcing Minaj's current reign in the hip-hop game

4) Beez In The Trap feat 2 Chainz - Taking us back to the old school hip hop days this scaled back hip hop track is very reminiscent of early Missy Elliot and is a definite nod to her style and the way she can strip back all of the electro noise and still rap a perfect song.

5) HOV Lane - This is one of my favourite songs on the album featuring thumping electro pop instrumentation and that classic Minaj rap stands out as one of the finest songs of the album

6) Roman Reloaded featuring Lil Wayne - Lil Wayne joins Nicki and surprisingly their voices and raps blend together perfectly on this very urban track.

7) Champion feat Nas, Drake & Young Jeezy - Another anatomic song for the album this time joined by some amazing rappers who complement this song

8) Right By My Side featuring Chris Brown - this collaboration I was very unsure about and I am happy to say that their voices blend beautifully together and the soul and coolness of this track suits both artists perfectly

9) Sex In The Lounge featuring Lil Wayne & Bobby V - Another cruisy track that benefits from Lil Wayne and Bobby V rapping while Minaj lends her singing to this mid tempo track

10) Starships - the chart topping electro pop madness is the start of the shift in the album from urban to electro pop

11) Pound The Alarm - all credit to Minaj when she does something she goes the whole hog and goes hard! This song HAS to be a single it pumps hard and will do well in the clubs and cars! Best song on the album

12) Whip It - another electro pop gem this one should also see the single treatment

13) Automatic - this sounds like a sequel to "Turn Me On" and is every bit as infections and delicious as the David Guetta track

14) Beautiful Sinner - obviously taking a page out of Madonna's book and writing a song about being a sinner

15) Marilyn Monroe - written by the talented Aussie pop star Leah Haywood (who also sings background vocals) this beautiful mid tempo ballad is a shining example of Minaj's vocal ability

16) Young Forever - This is probably my least favourite song on the album it is a bit blah, feels out of place with its mid tempo mood and is kind of a come down after an incredible high of Monroe

17) Fire Burns - moving the album back into urban mode this is a mid tempo rap song which also features beautiful Minaj melody

18) Gun Shot feat. Beenie Man - another mid tempo ballad featuring a reggae twist this song, another example that Minaj knows exactly who to collaborate with

19) Stupid Hoe - probably the song that took the longest to grow on me, it can seem a little silly and flippant but the beat is hot and shows the craziness of Minaj that we love so much.

Overall this album is miles ahead of its time much like its predecessor. I found myself going back to this album again and again devouring each song in a new and fresh way every time I heard it. This is a solid instalment and shows that Minaj knows her audience and will cater to them. This is THE album of 2012!



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