Sunday, April 22, 2012

Shut Up & Kiss Me - Reese Mastin

Shut up, until you find a better song writer!

Reece Mastin has a good voice; don’t think anyone here is going to argue that point. He can hit the
high notes and his voice isn’t whining and annoying and he deserves to have nothing but praise for
his voice.
But this song just kind of sounds too much like Shannon Noll’s new one for the most part, right
down to the echoing vocals throughout the verses and the same rock guitar parts.
So it seems that when it comes to writing a song in different style the Potbelleez (who co-wrote
the song) have just listened for other songs that worked and taken a few ideas from there and just
added a few little electronic samples here and there.
I think we could expect great things from Reece, but they are yet to happen. When they do though
look out, because a guy with such a powerful voice could just take over our airwave, he just needs a
better team of writers behind him or maybe just write everything himself, until that happens though
maybe he should just stop with the B grade stuff and wait till his mastered it.

Check out the song below



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