Tuesday, March 20, 2012

REVIEW - M.D.N.A Madonna

Madonna the original material girl, lucky star, centre of controversy and always a spectacle. After a 3 year break musically the un-disputed queen of pop is back with a brand new studio album. Breaking away from the commercialness of her previous album Hard Candy this time around Madonna creates her own style of music that is somewhere between American Life and Confessions blending electro pop with dance and raw instruments. 

Superstar - this track is very reminiscent of American Life production wise with acoustic guitars synching with electro pop beats cruises with the catchy chorus of "Ooh Lah Lah you're my superstar" Complete with dub step breakdown this is the perfect direction for Madonna's music right now

Turn Up The Radio - another perfect track on this album it actually reminds me a lot of Cindi Lauper blending Madonna's sugary sweet vocals with an 80's synth melody complete with dance beat this is one of the highlights of the album

Gang Bang - my personal favourite song on this album this song is clouded with dark beats, sensual and crazy lyrics complete with gun shots and Madonna screaming "Drive Bitch! Die Bitch!" this could be representative of her feeling about her divorce but even if it doesn't this song should have been the standard for the album.

Love Spent - William Orbit really brings his best to this track. Video game sound effects, banjos, dub step beats all blend seamlessly with Madonna's vocals. This is definitely one to listen to

I'm Addicted - For me this song was like an eargasm listening to this through headphones. Madonna's 80s style vocals mixed with electro beats, synth with vocals like "I'm addicted to your love, your name pumps like the blood through my veins. Pulse through my body invading my mind like MDMA" 

Girl Gone Wild - The second single produced by Benny Benassi this track is surprisingly not one of the strongest on the album. I have no idea why this was a single choice but it stands out as one of the weakest songs on the album

Falling Free - A definite nod to "Easy Ride" from American Life this is the best ballad Madonna has done since American Life. This track showcases the beauty of her voice, the pain and heartache of her divorce a topic that will come up more as the album goes on. The strings mix with electro noise blending together to make a surprising addition to MDNA

I Fucked Up - another nod to her recent divorce with lyrics like "I could have just kept my big mouth closed, I could have just done what I was told. I fucked up, I made a mistake. Nobody does it better than myself, I'm sorry I'm not afraid to say I wish I could take it back but I can't" this is another ballad esque style track

Masterpiece - the ballad version of the track kept for Madonna's movie W.E. this track surprisingly fits in to this album perfectly. 

I'm A Sinner - William Orbit takes us back to Ray Of Light days and thumps this track out. This reminds us of why we love Madonna this deserves to be a single! 

I Don't Give A (feat. Nicki Minaj) - This track reminded me a lot of American Life (the song) with a semi spoken rap and sung chorus. This track reminds us of the wild Madonna that we love. Hints at her bitter divorce with lyrics like "I tried to be a good girl, I tried to be your wife diminished myself and it swallowed my life" The guest rap from Minaj is the perfect addition to this track, the two work really well together. Interestingly enough some of the lyrics include "There is only one queen and that's Madonna bitch!" Could this be a snide dig at Ga Ga? We certainly hope so! 

Some Girls - Orbit hits back again pulling the album into the Ray Of Light era and once again reinforcing Madonna's place as the queen of pop music in the past and today. The sound still sounds as fresh as it did back in 1997. 

Overall this kicks Hard Candy in the arse and makes us believe that Madonna is STILL the queen of pop music something that I have echoed quite a bit through this review but the reunion with William Orbit and addition of Benassi, MIA and Minaj have delivered a lyrically stunning and revealing album mixed with hot new beats where Madonna fails to give in to current trends and make her own style of music. Madonna has done much more than Lady Ga Ga did on Born This Way, she did not announce this as the "album of a generation" it is simply Madonna doing what she does best, making hot music. This is the ultimate saving grace for this album it is unlike anything on the radio right now and thrusts Madonna back into the spotlight that was missing her so much. MDNA is released in Australia this Friday!

Review by Alaisdair Dewar



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