Thursday, March 22, 2012

Q&A with Mildlife

You may remember we introduced you to Mildlife the melbourne based band a few weeks ago, we have been fortunate enough to have been given a Q&A with the band. We asked them about their upcoming album and possible tour. Mildlife have just confirmed an upcoming show on the 30th of March in Sydney at The Standard! Check out the Q&A below!

Who are your inspirations musically
At the moment we're really getting into a lot of work by a producer called Joe Meek. He was a pretty weird dude making some pretty incredible stuff in the 50s and 60s, a fair way ahead of his time. I guess we’re always looking for new sounds and ideas to draw from but it just so happens these days it’s the old sounds and more primitive production techniques that are really inspiring us.

What are you listening to right now
 Well a lot of Joe Meek but also Peaking Lights, St Vincent, heaps of Ariel Pink, Silver Apples and Can is always in the mix.

What can we expect from the album.
 Well it’s pretty early days at the moment but I guess we’re pretty in to exploring unusual techniques whether that’s production-wise or instrumentally. we just really want to create something with a unique sonic character. Something you can shake hip to. Something hypnotic.

There’s obviously a large visual element to what you do, not only in the live show but also across your website, what role does that play in the band?
 I guess we’re all pretty visual people so it feels natural for us to marry up a visual element to the band. We really try to paint a vivid picture with each song, not so much lyrically, but with certain tones or sounds or production techniques. For us, a song is really working when we get this right.

Do you have any upcoming shows?
We’ve got a show in Melbourne on the 25th at the Tote and then one the following weekend (31st) at a Party in Sydney at the Standard.

Fusing live instruments together with electronica is no easy feat. How do you do it so flawlessly?
 Cool, thanks. I guess we just think about the electronic aspect as another instrument. It’s definitely taken a bit of time to get it all working in harmony. I guess the key is not to rely on it too much. Just treat it as another part of the puzzle.

What was the worst pop song of 2011? and what was your favourite?
 Really got in to ‘Shutterbugg’ by Big Boi. Such a bangin beat.
 Worst pop song? I don’t know. Something by that Beeber guy? There were a few songs that talked about the weekend or Friday nights. They were all pretty bad i’m sure.

Who are you working with on the album production wise and what can we expect
 We’re doing it all ourselves actually. Gives us more time to experiment with things and get things wrong without the pressure of time.



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