Monday, November 15, 2010

Rihanna "Loud" review

Alot is riding on the success of "Loud" it was the record company who wanted to make Rihanna not just a single artist anymore and wanted commercial success after the under-performing yet critically acclaimed (and our personal favourite) "Rated R" last year.

Loud is a mixed bag, the first track "S&M" is produced by Stargate, surprisingly enough they manage to bring a grunt and passion that Rihanna has never used before, combining this with an amazing beat this is the standout track of the album and one of the best songs Rihanna has ever done!
Stargate continue their production with the next track "What's My Name" it features rapper Drake and is the second single. The song is a grower, the first time it's just a bit ordinary but after a couple of listens it really grows and is enjoyable but just kind of there.
"Cheers (Drink To That) is the song that has conflicted emotions on one hand the sampling of Avril Lavigne's "Im With You" is brilliant but the song itself is whiny and not the hit that was buzzed about. "Fading" feels like album filler, bit of a snore but then all is made right with "Only Girl In The World" it seems that Stargate are putting Rihanna back on top (hint hint get rid of the dream!!) The surprise track of the album is "California King Bed" the song takes Rihanna to a level she has never sung at before and the track is just beautiful.
Man Down is a mess, with lyrics like "rumpa pum pum" it's just horrible and is contender for worst song of the album!
"It's Raining Men" no it's not a cover, it does however feature Nicki Minaj, after she couldn't join Rihanna on tour she promised fans a duet and boy did she deliver! This rnb track is pure fire and is one of the standouts from the album
Skip your way through "Skin" and "Complicated" just pure album filler and finish up with "Love The Way You Lie Part 2" which is the follow up to her song with Eminem, he also features on this version and it's the perfect close to the album.

Although it's not quite as "Loud" as we hoped its still a solid piece of work, however at times I was wishing I was listening to "Rated R" for the first time again, its definitely one to check out for the summer it's in-store's now and the deluxe edition out December 2nd



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