Monday, November 22, 2010

The Beginning - Black Eyed Peas Album Review

The Black Eyed Peas are back with the follow up to their monster smash hit album "The E.N.D" but can they do it again? We are still unsure about this album. The album opens with "The Time (Dirty Bit) which samples "Time Of My Life" from the Dirty Dancing soundtrack shows the current trend to Euro dance tracks, the album then shifts to "Light Up The Night" which is a standard BEP track easygoing, light, let's dance and doesn't show any of the "growth, change and different sound" Will.I.Am boasted about...
"Love You Long Time" is weird territory for the Peas, its a mid-tempo track which features alot of falsetto from Will.I.Am and a basic fruity loops beat, at this stage things don't look good for this album. "XOXOXO" yes that is the name of the next track shifts it back to typical BEP dance track and hooks we love that will have you singing along, it's extremely radio friendly and has to be a single. "Someday" keeps with the mid-tempo BEP track and isn't new territory for the Peas and you are bound to hear it in the opening credits of a movie as a pan through New York City or an episode of "Gossip Girl" next! "Whenever" is a ballad mainly voiced by Fergie who has a backseat on this album so far, the song has the perfect switch between ballad and dance track and uses auto-tune to make Fergie's high notes bareable. "Fashion Beats" is our favourite track on the album it samples "My Forbidden Love" by Chic and is a great dance track with some raw instruments mixed in to add spice and flavour to this amazing track. "Don't Stop The Party" will have the clubs pumping this summer, this is a scorcher of a track and is the most BEP sounding track on the album, one not to be skipped!
"Do It Like This' moves into their new musical territory and oddly works but doesn't feel like it fits on this album with the rest of the tracks as a body of work but I suppose if you just look at this album as a mix it could be ok."The Best One Yet (The Boy)" follows on nicely from the previous track, half ballad half euro dance track the song glides through the over-used "lets dance, lets celebrate" lyrics that the BEP have over-done for the last 3 albums. "Just Can't Get Enough" is a quite beautiful ballad and features some great vocals from Fergie without the use of auto-tune. "Play It Loud" finishes the album off on a mid-tempo level and really showcases the change from "The E.N.D" to the "The Beginning' they are two completely different bodies of work, while personally we prefer "The E.N.D" hopefully this will grow and with the release of a couple of more singles this album could grow. This is not their best work or even close to. The Beginning hits stores on Saturday



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