Monday, November 22, 2010

Pink Friday - Nicki Minaj Album Review

The highly anticipated debut album from rap superstar Nicki Minaj is finally here! After several successful mixtapes and collaborations with nearly every hot artist in the game Nicki delivers her first solo effort which stands as the best album of 2010.

Opening with "The Best" (Kane Beatz) Nicki declares that she is the Best and she is 'doin it, doin it' the song serves as the perfect opener for the album also adressing issues with her dad, drugs and adversity she has had to overcome. Followed by the much buzzed about "Romans Revenge" which features rapper Eminem. This track is definitely a grower it took a couple of listens to warm up to it especially with the chorus "rah rah like a dungeon dragon" but once it grows it sticks and Eminem adds attitude and flavour. The songs switch to party mode with Bangladesh produced "Did It On Em" the beat is wickedly addictive and I found myself going back to this track over and over. "Right Through Me" was another song that took awhile to get into but it's quite a beautiful love song and Minaj's rnb vocals cruise perfectly through it. "Fly" features RNB singer Rihanna, JR Producer brings the best vocal delivery Rihanna has ever delivered! Minaj and Rihanna need to do more together their voices work really well together, this is one of the standout tracks of the album.
"Save Me" is another beautiful love song on the album featuring some great piano and trance beats this really shows the diversity of this album. "Moment For Life" features rapper Drake and is a rap off between the two and sees Minaj get some of that rap attitude that makes her distinct. "Check It Out" featuring Will.I.Am I am sure you have all heard it and love it, not much more needed to say, great track. Next Minaj teams up with Kanye West for "Blazin" this feel good track is another stand out duet from the album. "Here I Am" which is our favourite from the album is pure fire, from the electric warped dance hook to the beautiful lyrics this song alone emodies Minaj's message on this album, not one to be skipped!
"Dear Old Nicki" is a letter style song written to her old self and deals with the rappers insecurities and previous suicide attempts, the song is quite confronting and shows a raw side to the rapper behind all the costumes, make-up and glamour.
"Your Love" was the first single released from Pink Friday and samples Annie Lennox "No More I Love Yous" the song started things for Minaj, making her the first rap artist to hit the top of the Billboard charts unaccompanied since 2002. The most unexpected duet on this album is "Last Chance" and it features Natasha Bedingfield this was an odd choice but it definitely works with Bedingfields vocals and production on the track. "Massive Attack" features Sean Garrett and is one of Minaj's most underated songs and the best production wise.
Deluxe Edition Tracks
"Super Bass" is a perfect radio track and is a catchy pop track which is completely different to the rest of the album tracks. "Blow Ya Mind" is quite grungy with electric guitar and hip-hop beats this is definitely not one to be missed "Muny" is our second favourite on the album the rnb catchy tune is very Beyonce-ish in sound and will have you singing the hook for the next two days I promise you. "Girls Fall Like Dominos" is the final track and is the perfect conclusion to the album, its quite light and catchy.

The album overall is a perfect mix of rnb, rap, hip-hop, pop and rock elements that definitely cement Minaj as the artist to watch and definitely lives up to the hype! Be sure to check out Pink Friday in stores this Friday.



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