Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Christina Aguilera postpones tour....

Christina Aguilera has now post-poned her "Bionic" tour due to wanting to promote her new movie "Burlesque" this is the reason given by her publicist, but honestly lacklustre sales and poor chart performance of "Not Myself Tonight" Honestly after hearing the album she made bad single choices and the album is just all over the place in parts (Christina you are NOT spanish!!! STOP PRETENDING TO BE!) Word on the street is there are only 2 people affected by this news of the tour, Leona Lewis who is silently unhappy as it wont boost sales of her aluminium foil record "Echo" and Lady GaGa who silently grins while sipping on her signature cup of tea, her tour is sold out through April 2011 for a year old record....poor Christina...



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