Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bionic HITS!

Ok so we have been ragging on Christina a bit, and to be honest she brings it all on herself. Through the whole album she doesn't set a theme or tone, she told us it was going to be "groundbreaking" and "futuristic" but once again sounds like Lady GaGa, Beyonce, Britney and Pink 2 years ago. . .saying this however there are some great tracks on this album, my personal favourite "V Is For Vanity" i HATE the lyrics as she sings "Everyime I look at me I turn myself on" and "If I where another girl i would so kiss me" what are you 16?? the beat and instrumentation is amazing and keeps you listening as she drones on about herself.

Remember when she released her spanish album? we all hoped she would be over this lunacy but no she is back! The song is called "Denuduate" or in english "Get Naked" sound familiar?? oh thats right Britney's song on "Blackout" also named Get Naked?!?! Oh Christina you are scraping the barrell for ideas! She even goes so far as to use the same hook "Get naked, get naked" sigh sigh sigh! Check out the hilarity below

Honestly it's not worth writing about the rest of the album cause its kind of a snore and by the end of it you are begging to hear "Not Myself Tonight" or even "WooHoo" if you are a HARDCORE Christina fan check it out, if not maybe wait for the next album. . . who knows if the tour will reach Australian shores, 2 singles and not one has charted in the top 20 yet doesn't look good. . . overall I hope Christina learns from this experience as she is an extremely talented singer and has the potential to be the next Mariah or Whitney "voice" but she lets this "im a slut, im a mother, i want to do me!" crap get in the way of whats important...her voice!



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