Friday, July 13, 2012

Ricki Lee cover causes mixed reaction

Ricki Lee is getting ready to release her hotly anticipated album Fear & Freedom, an album that has been in the works for sometime now. With hot singles like Raining Diamonds and Do It Like That, the album is expected to do extremely well, and with a slimmed down image and some great producers on the album it is easy to see why this will do so well.

A lot of controversy on the star's Facebook page happened when the photo went live, fatties everywhere commenting on the new slimmed down image and that it is a bad "role model" for children. Since when did being healthy and happy constitute being a bad role model?

Photoshopping and altering images is no surprise, with more artists doing this for effect, not to enhance how they look. Ricki Lee has come in leaps and bounds in her professional career and seems like she has the right team around her who know how to make her look and sound hot.

Enough with the criticism, Ricki Lee is doing her thing and looking amazing! We here at Novastreamusic look forward to her new album Fear & Freedom and wish her all the luck in the world!



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