Thursday, July 26, 2012

REVIEW - Think Bigger - Cosmo Jarvis (2012)

How do you follow up the hottest album of 2011? That was the question I asked myself while impatiently waiting for this album. "Is The World Strange" was voted Novastreamusic's hottest album of 2011 and my personal favourite as well, so any kind of work after had a certain amount of expectation thrust upon it wether it wanted it or not.

Think Bigger is the next step in the evolutionally brilliance that is Cosmo Jarvis, not afraid to tackle any genre and deliver, this time around sees a more mainstream pop sound that does not feel contrived or forced. Think Bigger steps up from "Strange" and introduces another layer of Jarvis. The whole album is catchy and you will not be able to get the tunes out of your head for weeks.

Beginning with the lead single "Love This" definitely the most catchy and radio friendly of the album, the songs pop/rock groove slides in and out, intertwining with lyrical brilliance that oozes from Jarvis's every carefully selected word. The next song "Train Downtown" is my personal favourite of the album, a pop rock anthem that is screaming to be played on the radio. "Good Citizen" and "Tell Me Who To Be" are two fantastically contrasting tracks with "Citizen" showcasing an old school rnb vibe and then switching to a 60's inspired pop song with "Tell Me Who To Be" truly show how well Jarvis understands music and fitting into any genre he is presented with.

The biggest surprise was the cover of The Grateful Dead's track "Friend Of The Devil" which has been completely Cosmo-fied making the track his own interpretation rather than a simple cover. "Lacie" is one of the more interesting tracks on the album, a song about his computers hard drive, comparing it to womanhood is pure genius.

"Sunshine" is another highlight of the album, with other tracks "Girl From My Village" and "Think Bigger" (the title track) rounding off the album, and then we reach "Whatever" which to sum up is one of the hottest tracks of 2012. It is pure pop brilliance and needs to be a single.

Overall this is a solid follow up to the prior album and showcases just another peek into the creative genius that is Cosmo Jarvis. Think Bigger is now available on I-Tunes and is the album to buy for 2012! Do yourself a favour and buy this one and recommend it to all your friends.

Review by Alaisdair Dewar



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