Friday, December 2, 2011

Music Awards 2011

It has been a massive year for music in 2011, who knew that Adele would stick round all year with 21 and knock out any competition who tried to get to number 1 and stay there too long. Lady GaGa's second album would dominate the charts and spawn 4 singles (and still counting!) while Britney Spears would see a massive gain in sales and produce an album you can play from start to finish with no skipping? Or that Beyonce would release an album that was nothing like anything else she has done before and that everyone would like it?

It truly has been a great year for music! There were so many good and bad singles and albums and trying to sift through them all to find winners was near impossible this year but after some long hard debating and discussing the final votes are in! Check out the winners below!

Video Of The Year - Britney Spears I Wanna Go

This campy piece of fun saw Britney once again attacked by the press and responding major points go to her driver for being hilariously random and for the sign "Crossroads 2 : Cross Harder" seen on the movie theatre. The outfits, the dancing, the acting was perfect!

Concert Of The Year - Rihanna LOUD Tour Australia

Rihanna travelled down under and proved all her critics that she can actually sing live and do it well as well as straddling a hot pink cannon and dancing her a$$ off!

Worst New Band/Group of the year - LMFAO

Where do I start with this band? The horrible outfits, the faint whiff of a poor mans Black Eyed Peas, while their tunes may be catchy the lyrics are appalling and is not the kind of music that should be celebrated.

Best Live Performance - Beyonce Run the World Oprah Finale

Armed with an army of girls Beyonce hit the stage on the Oprah finale and delivered an outstanding performance both of the song and her dancing skills.

Best Dance Album - Britney Spears Femme Fatale

An amazing new dub step era for Spears saw this album on heavy rotation all year long. Every song including the bonus tracks where gems and this is definitely one of the stand out albums of her career

Best RNB Album - 4 Beyonce

Who knew that after the success of Sasha Fierce Beyonce could deliver a completely different sounding album and bring the two personalities together to make something incredibly beautiful

Comeback Queen - Kelly Rowland Here I Am

After several false starts Kelly Rowland FINALLY released Here I Am and what an album it was!

Best Australian Single - Galaxy - Jessica Mauboy & Stan Walker

The pairing of these two not only vocally but visually truly is one of the most beautiful and catchy songs of the year. The song and vocals soared over every note and blended together to make something truly beautiful

Best Australian Album - Get Em Girls (Repackaged) Jessica Mauboy

This album is critiqued for being too "Americanised" and with the majority of producers being American this was a massive "WELL DUH" to the Australian public, that aside the album was filled from start to finish with pure rnb gold and is the most underrated album of the year.

Best Rap Album - Nicki Minaj Pink Friday

Known mainly for her crazy wigs and antics Miss Minaj actually delivered great music and a solid album that you just keep coming back to over and over again.

Song Of The Year - On The Floor - Jennifer Lopez

JLO came back and slayed all your favourites this year with her number 1 world wide single "On The Floor" and electrifying hot video to match.

Best Collaboration - Britney Spears, Nicki Minaj & Ke$ha - Tll The World Ends

The three pop and urban bad girls team up for a remix of one of the hottest dance songs of the year and deliver the ultimate remix!

Best Independent Album - Natalia Kills Perfectionist

After some much needed promo from Perez Hilton, Natalia Kills was given a release date for her album and it blew us away! Hot, filthy,dirty pop music at its finest.

Top 5 Albums Of The Year

4 - Beyonce
21 - Adele
Born This Way - Lady GaGa
Is The World Strange Or Am I Strange - Cosmo Jarvis
Talk that Talk - Rihanna

Album Of The Year - Is the World Strange Or Am I Strange - Cosmo Jarvis

It was definitely the year for Cosmo Jarvis an amazingly talented artist from the UK whose album and singles took us by surprise! Delivering the most eclectically beautiful and worthwhile albums of 2011 his hauntingly beautifully tone and lyrics cut through the pop and dub step noise and reminded me of why I loved music and view on the world.



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