Monday, September 12, 2011

Is The World Strange Or Am I Strange? - Cosmo Jarvis

Review by Alaisdair Dewar

Cosmo Jarvis is the first artist I discovered this year who captured me musically and I became an instant fan. The very first song I heard from Cosmo was Gay Pirates. If you are a regular follower of Novastreamusic please stop rolling your eyes, I know I go on and on about how amazing this song and video is so this is my final word I promise! It was the song that thrust Cosmo into the spotlight (where he belongs!) when Stephen Fry sent out a tweet about the video which led to over half a million viewers (and still counting!) alerting the world that it was time to wake up and recognise the kind of artistry and technical brilliance that Cosmo emanates., and now on with the review!

The album boasts 11 amazing songs that vary in genre from rock, pop, rnb, reggae, heavy rock and even rap. The whole thing comes together in the most eclectically smooth blend of music that showcases what an amazing talent Cosmo is.

1) Gay Pirates - I won't say too much because you already know! This is one of the best songs of 2011 and still remains as the perfect pop opener to this album (from a gay guy to a straight one Cosmo THANK YOU for writing this track!)

2) Sure As Hell Not Jesus - The second single from the album, this rock song explores the issues of christians claiming to know God and then cash in on that power. Boasting lyrics like "I'm glad I made a friend that doesn't pray for me" another favourite on the album

3) Blame It On Me - This song is the perfect example of the incredible artistry that Cosmo radiates. The sheer beautiful instrumentation blend swish with lyrics "Blame it on me till the willow weeps" creates pure oral sensation for your ears. This is one of the most beautifully produced tracks in years.

4) Is The World Strange - My personal favourite on the album, the track explores the struggle of coming of age and discovering who you are. The spoken rap blends beautifully with the hauntingly resonant chorus that you will be singing for days.

5) Dave's House - An amazing idea, to have a house you can go and do whatever and it stays there. The song is all incredible catchy and I'm sure an inside joke among Cosmo friends, nevertheless you feel invited to Dave's house for "a chat and a beer"

6) Let Me Out Of My Head - An intrepid journey through the mind explores the dark yet safe feeling when you are in that place. The imagery is captured perfectly and mixed with melodic orgasms that will keep you going back for more.

7) The Talking Song - A reflective look on our society today through "the best friend you never made could be one foot away and end up anonymous because you never tried to say hey" and echoed through "I really don't think anyone knows anyone when to talk and so we don't because we're just not sure and this is why people kinda just wanna be alone" I could post the whole lyrics (don't worry I won't!) Lyrically this song is important for our time and generation.

8) The Wave That Made Them Happy - This rock pop track is very reminiscent of Radiohead but has that Cosmo flavour that makes it appetising. The instrumentation is flawless and it is here I will mention that Cosmo writes, produces and plays his own instruments.

9) She Doesn't Know - This is the perfect beach track, very Jason Mraz in style with an extremely catchy hook that you will be singing for days. Crank this one loud!

10) My Day - The third single from the album, one which Cosmo himself described as "All the generations prior to ours seemed to have better music, better movies, better work ethic, manners and standards of social conduct. I therefore felt imposing a bogus hindsight on my generation might be interesting" and he delivers. The heavy rock track emanates this attitude.

11) Betty - Ah where to start with Betty??? This is my equal favourite (Is The World Strange) and successfully blends several genre's into one (rock, pop, rnb, reggae) and running at 9 minutes and 46 seconds blends everything together to make the most anticipated live track of the album. This will be one to be seen live

Overall Cosmo has created the perfect album, shifting genre's whilst incorporating thought provoking and intelligent lyrics and re-invigorating interest with every new track this is the best album of 2011 and a personal favourite.

Is The World Strange Or Am I Strange is released on Friday 30th September, through MGM. Don't forget the tour dates!

Wednesday 12th October - Sydney
Goodgod Small Club
53-55 Liverpool
Chinatown, NSW, 2000

Thursday 13th October - Melbourne
East Brunswick Club
280 Lygon Street
East Brunswick, VIC, 3057



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