Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Introducing. . . Jazz Cartier

An Independent rapper from Toronto releases a song called "Apology Not Accepted" which is to be featured on his debut mixtape "Loosing Elizabeth"
Previously Jazz has released a song/music video called "Slow It Down/Her Daddy Don't Like Me" and has acquired more than 60,000 views independently ! It has been played on MTV Canada reaching number 3 on the countdown, he has received nods from rappers from the likes of Drake, Uffie and T-Slack.

The song itself is raw, honest and features some amazing beats and vocals, Check out his new track "Apology Not Accepted" below, also his facebook and twitter links below, we will provide more info on his future stuff

Jazz Cartier’s Webpages – www.jazzcartier.com / Jazz Cartier on Facebook & Twitter (@JazzCartier)



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