Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Element Of Freedom - Alicia Keys REVIEW

We are proud to say that we can EXCLUSIVELY review Alicia Keys brand new album "The Element Of Freedom" we received in in the early hours of the morning and let's just say I am VERY tired today. Honestly from the 2 leaked single I wasn't that hyped about it (although they have both REALLY grown on me as of late) The album takes Alicia pulling her music RIGHT back to piano, synth and very minimal instruments and features her brilliant piano playing and her voice. Alicia is keeping with the 80's sound "oh's" throughtout the album and is pulling it off quite well.

The intro "The Element Of Freedom" is a typical first intro song as she usually has on her albums, piano, singing, intro, song over.

"Love Is Blind" is a mid-tempo pop ballad that really sets the mood for the album quite well, to be honest I was a little confused about where she was heading but after hearing the whole thing it fit perfectly.

"Doesnt Mean Anything" your typical Alicia ballad that should have been a hit but never really took off/ "Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart" I have MUCH love for this song after flogging it to death on my I-pod so I love it :)
"Wait Till They See My Smile" perfect feel good, catchy song that will make you feel good about yourself, the rest of the tracks are mid-tempo pop ballads and ballads, the only thing that didnt seem to fit was the Beyonce duo "Put It In A Love Song, its a so-so track that probably could have been left on as a bonus track. Overall we see some real growth vocally and musically from Ms.Keys here and I really hope this album does well for her. Dont forget to buy your copy next week!



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