Thursday, May 10, 2012

Big Hoops (The Bigger The Better) Nelly Furtado Video Review

What can I even say? I feel let down, I actually loved ‘I’m like a bird’ (just don’t tell anyone ok) and most of the stuff Nelly has released from then has been pretty good, I’ll give her the credit she deserves, she sure has come a long way.
Well that is until now.
The new release ‘big hoops (the bigger the better)’ is nothing to get excited about what so ever.
I’m not really sure that a song that is mostly about the earrings she is wearing and how the bigger they are the better is ever a good idea to begin with, but hey with the right vocals and music behind it, then it could work.
That didn’t happen here either though sadly, the vocals sound like Fran Drescher with a cold trying to rap over some drums and really for the most part that is all there is to the song, some synths do come in every so often, but isn’t used much, which I think was meant to make the focus Nelly’s voice(sadly).
Also can it be explained to me why this song goes into a weird trash pop bit out of nowhere at the very end? It really doesn’t seem to fit the rest of the song at all.

Review by Ben Hermon



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