Thursday, January 5, 2012

The original Sugababes are back together!

Our good friends over at TheProphetBlog predicted earlier that the original Sugababes line up of Keisha, Mutya and Siobhan would re-form as Sugababes 4.0 disastrous last album followed by a "free" Amazing giveaway single Freedom. The original three made an amazing pop album titled One Touch with still their best hit to date Overload.

The reforming will see a nasty blow to Sugababes 4.0 who kicked last standing original member Keisha out in 2010 sparking a massive fan uproar and resulted in the following album and singles being re-recorded with new member Jade McEwan who have no plans to record anything in the near future as confirmed by Heidi in an interview two days ago.

For those who were not around in the early 00ies posted below are some of the hits from One Touch and are pop stand outs still to this day. Rumours are that the new sound for the original three is absolutely amazing, it has a massive influence from One Touch infused with 2012, with strong soulful lyrics and a very British sound which is what the Sugababes were all about in the first place.

Welcome back the original three to pop music stardom! Finally a reason to be excited about music in 2012!


 New Year


 Run For Cover


 Soul Sound




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