Saturday, November 12, 2011

ALBUM REVIEW : Talk That Talk - Rihanna

Rihanna has become an unstoppable force in pop music in the last few years and after several number ones and albums that boast more album fillers than singles comes the album of her career. Talk That Talk takes everything to the next level and is a strong contender for pop album of the year.

Talk That Talk is in Australian stores Saturday November 19 a mere 6 days away and while previous albums Loud and Rated R were big hits here this album takes everything to the next level. Normally a new album means a new look and new side of the singer. This time around Rihanna hones in on a combination of her Loud and Rated R persona and perfects it to the point of complete surprise.

By doing this Rihanna has created an album that is louder, raunchier and sexier than anything she has done before and the results are an audio orgasm from start to finish. When she promised a solid album from start to finish she not only delivered on that promised but she went several steps further that makes this album not only the best of her career but for 2011. Be gone Born This Way, Fare thee well Femme Fatale and while she couldn't outsell 21 (really at this point who could apart from Michael Jackson) it outworks these albums in every single way.

Enlisting hit producers Dr Luke, Stargate, Bangladesh, Calvin Harris, Hit-Boy and Jay-Z the production list reads like an all you can eat menu for the most delicious meal you have ever eaten. The songs that have been produced are for the most part radio friendly but also take her lyrics and music to a deeper place than they have ever been.

The album opens with the second single "You Da One" slides open to a sexy urban island beat that is reminiscent of the Ri Ri that we are used to but there is a new found strength and confidence in her voice that shines through. As the song progresses a ridiculously amazing dub step style breakdown weaves in an out and this is going to be the summer track for Aussies.

Current number one single "We Found Love" featuring Calvin Harris has been the perfect intro to this album with the extremely sexy beats and thought provoking lyrics show why in the fickle world of pop music Rihanna has earned her place as one of pops biggest contenders. One of our favourite tracks "Where Have You Been" samples Geoff Mack's I've Been Everywhere, but then features a chorus inspired by Faithless with an orgasmic breakdown reminiscent of The Prodigy. It's this kind of blend that echoes throughout the album creating the most together and solid album of Rihanna's career.

The title track features rapper Jay-Z and is a throwback to Rated R and will definitely please her urban fans, this futuristic soldier track is one of the backbones of the album. the too short interlude of Birthday Cake should be converted to a full song for the impending re-release as it is one of the hottest songs Rihanna has ever done, the Bangladesh produced Cockiness stands out as the best song on the album that stitches together vocals, drums and horns is definitely the best song Bangladesh has produced in the past few years.

All of this amazing production would be nothing without lyrics to back it up. The whole album just reeks of sexual energy and you can really feel that Rihanna is moving into a sexually fulfilling era of her life and this album is very reminiscent of Janet Jacksons The Velvet Rope. The clever lyrics of "suck my cockiness, lick my persuasion" to the closing ballad "Farwell" which is definitely the best vocal performance Rihanna has ever delivered on any track in her career.

It's the combination of these elements that make Talk That Talk not only Rihanna's best album of her career to date while ensuring radio longevity and slaying every other pop album released this year. This album truly has something for everyone and proves that as far as bad bitches go Rihanna is still number one and with the amount of attitude and vocal improvement expect to see your other pop divas slayed this summer when Rihanna releases Talk That Talk in just 6 days time.



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