Friday, July 29, 2011

Artist Of The Month - Cosmo Jarvis

One of our favourites Cosmo Jarvis is gearing up to release his latest EP for the hit single Sure As Hell Not Jesus the video has been a sensation on YouTube following on from Gay Pirates Jarvis is showing his diversity and true talents as a singer/songwriter and video maker. 

Jarvis describes Jesus as being 'the thought of somebody can give you hope in times of anguish that a God never could' this very idea is just amazing and flows through with the lyrics and mood of the song. The EP will be released on Sunday May 29th and will include three additional tracks. We sat down with Cosmo to ask some questions about his forthcoming releases and inspirations.

What are some bands you are listening to now?

Tom Waites, The Stones of course and local bands in my area

What was the inspiration behind pirates?

To tell a story with historical significance, to have a song that was specific to this period in time. Not focusing on the "gay" thing but abot building the character of a gay pirate and telling the story as if it actually happened, making the character real. A notion or idea of a person has history behind it, makes it a lot easier to be received. 

What is your favourite song on the new album?

To play live? Probably "My Day" and in relation to this album coming out "Is the world strange or am I strange? it is very different to anything I have ever done. I love the production on it

When are you coming to Australia and are you going to tour?

Yes definitely! Don't know when but it will happen. Probably when the album comes out we could make it more of a reality.

What is your favourite track on the new album?

A song called Betty, it is 11 minutes long, the first part of it will be available on the EP and it's called Betty Part 1 so you will be able to get a taste of it before the album comes out. 

Apparently you wrote over 300 songs for this album? How long did that take?

I have written over 300 songs altogether, not just for this album. For me an album is not about a piece of work with one general theme, each song can stand on it's own and be it's own individual song. There are 12 tracks on this album 

How do you put together your videos? They are so epic and I have read that you have been compared to Lady GaGa in relation to creativity and controversy?

Well really? wow! Lady GaGa has done a lot and I don't think we have the same sound. My mum likes her actually. I come up with the concept and ideas for the videos, my brother acts as the producer and we just get everyone together and do it. The videos has copped a lot of controversy especially pirates, MTV wouldn't show it due to censorship and stuff like that so that definitely makes it a challenge. Online is a big part of things, YouTube has opened that up a lot and shows people a different spin on the songs.



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